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How to effectively pump sand pump?

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1. Widely used: This type of pump is mainly used for continuous conveying of strong abrasive materials that are too large to be conveyed by the general slurry pump. Metering pumps are suitable for dredging, grit-sucking, dredging rivers, mining and metallurgical blasting slag conveying.

2. Introduction: The pump for pumping sand is a kind of centrifugal slurry pump and it is used to transport slurry materials containing sand, slag, etc. The impeller is mostly open type. The inner lining of the pump is generally divided into two types, wear-resistant metal wear-resistant rubber. Inject high-pressure water into the sliding part of the pump shaft to prevent the mud sand from entering the sliding part.

3. Type: The pump is named after a specific application pump of a centrifugal pump. Pumping sand is just a general term. It is mainly used in industries such as mining, coal, metallurgy, chemical engineering and environmental protection. More sand pumps are used in environmental protection, dredging, river dredging and other industries. This series of sand pumps is mainly based on NS or PNSL series. In addition, there are many types of sand pump, such as SB sand pump in oil field and PS sand pump series in mining industry.

4, close structure: NS series pumping sand pumps are horizontal pumps. A special clamp is used to clamp the pump body and the pump cover. The direction of the pump's spout can be in any position of 360 degrees. It is easy to install and use. The sand pump flow channel is wide, the cavitation performance is good, the efficiency is high, and the erosion resistance is high. The gear oil pump transmission methods mainly include V-shaped V-belt transmission, elastic coupling transmission, gear reduction gear transmission, hydraulic coupling transmission, frequency conversion driving device, and thyristor speed regulation. The material of the flow-through parts is made of high-hardness wear-resistant alloy material. Using a variety of speeds and a variety of variants, it can meet many types of poor delivery conditions.